Time to take a break and come back with your batteries charged! This year we close the physical store from August 10 to September 6, and in between these dates we will make some small improvements in the store that we hope will be to your liking. We don't usually make many changes in the store, so we will take advantage of a few days between holidays to make them.

In the online store, before we go on holidays, we are going to introduce a novelty that is the pre-orders of fabrics. So we can ensure that you do not run out of stock of your favorite fabric and we can better adjust the purchase quantities. Not all fabrics can be pre-purchased, since many times manufacturers limit purchases to a certain amount (as is often the case with some licensed fabrics in american wide).

You can see the pre-purchase fabrics differentiated with a green band in the corner of the photo. And within the tab of the fabric you can see the approximate arrival date. In many cases, we do not have the real photos of the fabrics, but photos that the manufacturer provides us.

Keep in mind that initially we do not have stock of the references in pre-purchase until they arrive, that is why if you make an order "mixing" fabrics in stock with pre-purchase fabrics, you must choose how we send the fabrics:

1.- Wait to have all the fabrics and send them all together (only one shipment is made).
2.- First send the order in stock and make a second shipment with the pre-purchase fabrics. In the latter case, additional costs apply, and it is only valid for destinations on the Peninsula and Portugal.

Our recommendation is not to mix pre-purchase fabrics with other fabrics that you need before for example, although as we have explained above, it can be done.

And that's it! See you back from holidays, as of September 7! wink

Take care heart