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Basic Leatherette Basic Leatherette
Fabric width: 140cm
The leatherette is a fairly flexible imitation leather or leather fabric that is widely used for crafts and decoration, even for upholstering chairs, armchairs, headboards... In addition to this faux leather, we also have the Extra Leatherette, which is more thick and resistant, and gives better uph..
Ex Tax:7.85€
Burlap fabric with lurex / gold threads. Ideal for Christmas decorations, crafts, carnival...The fabric is 150cm wide and its composition is 98% jute - 2% lurex..
Ex Tax:5.79€
Fabric width: 140cm
Black chalkboard fabric, ideal for crafts, accessories in bags and decorations, so it can be sewn. You can paint with chalk on it and then erase it to use again. Crazy for the kids of the house!The fabric is 140cm wide...
Ex Tax:9.50€
Color Jute Color Jute
Fabric width: 147cm
Burlap is a fabric made with jute and is also known as sackcloth. Several colors to choose. Very appropriate to make crafts and decorate shop windows, in addition to being used to make bags and other type of gift wrapping...
Ex Tax:4.55€
Fabric width: 140cm
Natural color cork fabric, essential in crafts to make bags, purses and other accessories. It is a thin fabric and on top a layer of flexible and manageable cork, making it an easy fabric to cut and sew.The fabric is 140cm wide and its composition is 60% wood - 26% polyester - 14% cotton...
Ex Tax:10.74€
Fabric width: 140cm
Cork fabric coloured widely used in technical crafts to make bags, wallets, decorations in florists... It is a thin fabric and on top a layer of flexible and manageable cork, making it an easy fabric to cut and sew.The fabric measures 140cm wide and its composition 60% wood - 26% polyester - ..
Ex Tax:11.57€
Fabric width: 150-160cm
Cotton fabric with the traditional pattern of fardero handkerchief (Farcell) with the wefts on the edges of the fabric.The fabric measures between 150/160cm wide and its composition is 100% cotton...
Ex Tax:8.26€
Cotton Quilting Wadding 150gr Cotton Quilting Wadding 150gr
Fabric width: 180cm
Wadding or cotton padding fabric for quilting, ideal for Patchwork, making cushions, blankets, quilts ... Filling suitable for sewing by hand or machine. It has an approximate thickness of 3mm and a weight of 150gr/m2. Being a cotton and polyester blend, it does not deform excessively and can be was..
Ex Tax:4.96€
Fine felt fabric printed with drawings imitating the skin of dalmatian dogs. A very easy fabric to cut, sew with many uses in crafts and accessories.The width of the fabric is 90cm and its composition 100% polyester...
Ex Tax:4.13€
Fabric width: 115cm
Typical fardero (Farcell) handkerchief check pattern with open patternThe fabric is 115cm wide and its composition is 85% cotton - 15% polyester..
Ex Tax:6.20€
Fabric width: 90cm
The felt is a very easy to handle fabric. It is widely used in crafts, since, as it is not woven, it does not fray and can be easily cut.It has a weight of 180grs / m2 and a thickness of 1.5mm. Its applications are varied: from rugs to play cards, billiards, costumes to shape, window dressing, t..
Ex Tax:2.89€
Felt 3mm Felt 3mm
Fabric width: 90cm
3mm thick decorative felt ideal for crafts that require thicker felt. Ideal for birthday crowns, rugs and decorations, crafts ...The fabric is 90cm wide and its composition is 100% polyester...
Ex Tax:6.20€
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