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Costume Fabrics

If you need costume fabrics, at Textil Siles we propose a wide variety of fabrics to make your costumes and enjoy different events such as carnival, halloween, Christmas, manga lounge, comic book fair ... Carnival It is a party where masquerades are held, costume parties where parades are ruffled through the cities. The carnival is celebrated 40 days before Palm Sunday. The 2021 carnival is celebrated from February 12 to 17 in general.

Algodón Calaveras Algodón Calaveras
Out of Stock
Original tela de algodón ideal para temporada de Halloween y temática pirata, ya que tiene dibujos de calaveras piratas blancas sobre fondo negro.La tela es 100% algodón y mide de ancho 150cm. ..
9.00€ Ex Tax:7.44€
The Alpujarreña is a rustic striped fabric used a lot in decoration and household clothes. It is also used in costumes for Mexican poncho. ..
As low as 6.00€ Ex Tax:6.61€
The leatherette is a fairly flexible imitation leather or leather fabric that is widely used for crafts and decoration, even for upholstering chairs, armchairs, headboards... In addition to this faux leather, we also have the Extra Leatherette, which is more thick and resistant, and gives better uph..
As low as 6.50€ Ex Tax:6.53€
Burlington Comic Onomatopoeia Burlington Comic Onomatopoeia
Out of Stock
Stretch / Burlington fabric with expression pattern and onomatopoeia typical of action comics. Boom, bang, crash, OMG ... is a very striking fabric with different expressions on a light blue background. With this fabric you can make, for example, a very original purse or purse.The fabric is 150c..
8.00€ Ex Tax:6.61€
Burlington/Stretch fabric ideal for costume and decorations with ethnic drawings, stripes, triangles and other shapes in bright colors.The fabric is 150cm wide and its composition 100% polyester ..
As low as 5.50€ Ex Tax:5.79€
Stretch / Burlington fabric with drawings of typical Scottish tartan, where the color red predominates.The fabric is 150cm wide and its composition 100% polyester. ..
As low as 5.50€ Ex Tax:5.79€
Burlington/Stretch fabric with wide blue and white stripes.The fabric is 150cm wide and its composition 100% polyester ..
As low as 5.50€ Ex Tax:5.79€
Fabric to give flight and volume to the garments. It is widely used in wedding dresses, princess costumes... ..
As low as 3.50€ Ex Tax:3.72€
Carnival Satin Carnival Satin
Hot 30 Colors
The costume fabric, popularly known as carnival satin, is an economical and practical solution for making your costumes, as well as for the decoration of shop windows, venues, sporting events and festivals such as Halloween, Christmas, Castañera .... It is very easy to sew since it does not fray and..
As low as 2.40€ Ex Tax:2.31€
Carnival satin or trilobal fabric with black polka dot patterns on a red background, imitating the ladybug insect. Ideal for Ladybug’s character costume, for example.The fabric is 150cm wide and its composition 100% polyester. ..
As low as 4.00€ Ex Tax:4.13€
Burlap is a fabric made with jute and is also known as sackcloth. Several colors to choose. Very appropriate to make crafts and decorate shop windows, in addition to being used to make bags and other type of gift wrapping. ..
As low as 4.25€ Ex Tax:4.55€
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