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Textil Siles haberdashery. Sewing accessories

Brand: Gütermann
Universal polyester sew-all thread from the prestigious German brand Gütermann. You can sew by hand and by machine, all kinds of natural, mixed and synthetic fiber fabrics. Gütermann threads are strong and flexible, colorfast and fray.Its composition is 100% polyester and each reel has..
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Brand: Gütermann
Universal Sew-all polyester thread from the prestigious Gütermann brand. You can sew by machine and by hand, all kinds of fabrics of natural, mixed and synthetic fibers. Gütermann threads are strong and flexible, they are colorfast and do not fray.Its composition is 100% polyester and ..
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Braided drawstring cord in a cotton and polyester blend composition with 10-12mm of diameter. This cord has many uses, for example, in making bags and backpacks, in sweatshirts, pants, jackets, home decorations, gifts, crowns.....
Cotton thread 500m Cotton thread 500m
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Brand: Hagal
Quality thread with a TEX 10x2x2 (44) fineness made of 100% long fibre cotton, ideal for sewing cotton fabrics and especially bed linen. It can be washed up to 95ºThe composition of this thread is 100% cotton and has a length of 500 meters. Its thickness is 0.3mm..
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Cotton Webbing 30mm Cotton Webbing 30mm
Cotton webbing 30mm wide with a thickness of 1.4mm. It is ideal for straps of bags, backpacks, furniture upholstery and much more...Supports a load of up to 130-150kg..
Elastic Cord Masks 2.5mm Blister Elastic Cord Masks 2.5mm Blister
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Soft elastic cord for masks, presented in blister with a length of 5 meters approx. Its diameter is 2.5mm.The composition of this cord is 80% polyamide - 20% elastane...
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Seraflex (Mettler) elastic thread to sew on domestic sewing machines, ideal for sewing elastic garments such as sweatpants, knitwear, swimwear... and prevent the thread from breaking accompanying the fabric in its elasticity.It has an elasticity of up to 65% and is made with a special type of po..
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Brand: Hagal
Metallic thread to give an original and brilliant spark to your embroidery. This lurex thread is ideal for hand embroidery and is approximately 0.2mm thick.This thread is 100 meters long and its composition 52% polyester - 48% polyamide...
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Brand: Organ Needle
Set of 5 machine embroidery needles from the Japanese brand Organ Needle. These size 75/11 needles have a slightly ball point and a large eye for easy threading.Organ needles are suitable for the vast majority of household sewing machines.It is presented in a blister of 5 units of size 75/11..
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Flat Elastic Face Masks 7mm Flat Elastic Face Masks 7mm
Flat elastic for making hygienic face masks. It has a width of 7mm, it is soft and pleasant to the touch and tension. Its composition is polyester and elastane...
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Case of 100 steel pins with a glass-head. Ideal if you have to use the iron.The pins measure 0.6x30mm...
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Set of 10 needles for hand sewing of size 1/5 and length from 38 to 47mm...
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