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Whole Rolls

Whole rolls of fabric at a cheaper price than buying by meter. The fabric rolls are of different meters, depending on the type of fabric. If you are going to do a job that requires a lot of cloth, this may be your best option.

Fabric width: 80cm
ROLLO ENTERO de 35 metrosEl precio de cada metro: 2,60€ (en lugar de 3,50€) El precio de cada metro de la Bandera Arcoiris: 3,60€ (en lugar de 4,50€)Viste tu balcón, evento o acto deportivo, fiesta, celebración... con las diferentes telas de bandera di..
from €98.00 per roll
Rollo Entero Tul (35 metros)
23 Colors
Fabric width: 150cm
ROLLO ENTERO Tul Carnaval de 35 metrosEl precio de cada metro: 1,60€ (en lugar de 2,50€)El tul es un tejido suave y fino, semi-transparente y con forma de rejilla, que se utiliza sobretodo para hacer velos, adornar escaparates, confeccionar disfraces, mosquiteras, envoltorios de re..
€56 per roll
Fabric width: 90cm
28 meter WHOLE ROLLThe price of each meter: € 2.60 (instead of € 3.50)The felt is a very easy fabric to handle. It is widely used in crafts, since, as it is not woven, it does not fray and can be easily cut. It has a weight of 180grs / m2 and a thickness of 1.5mm.Its appl..
€72.80 per roll
Fabric width: 147cm
WHOLE ROLL FABRIC (25 meter ROLL)The price of each meter of cloth: € 3.60 (instead of € 4.60)The burlap is a jute fabric and is also known as sackcloth. This fabric is available in natural color. Very appropriate to make crafts and decorate shop windows, in addition to being u..
€90 per roll
Fabric width: 150cm
WHOLE ROLL of 25 metersPrice of each meter: 3,00€ (instead of 4,50€)Cancan fabric is a fabric used in clothing to give garments volume and flight. It is widely used in wedding dresses, princess costumes... ..
€75 per roll
Whole Roll Carnival Satin Fabric (25 meters)
Hot 30 Colors
Fabric width: 150cm
WHOLE ROLL of 25 metersPrice of each meter: 2,40€ (instead of 3,00€)The costume fabric, popularly known as carnival satin fabric, is an economical and practical solution for making your costumes, as well as for decorating shop windows, venues, sporting events and fes..
€60 per roll
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