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Find the technical fabric you need for that craft or special creation. You can find everything from wadding to padding or quilting, cork fabric, food plastic for sandwich holders ... to slate cloth, muletón fabric and many more.

Rigid waterproof canvas fabric that on one of the sides has the canvas like canvas and the other side of pvc, which makes it waterproof. With this fabric you can, for example, cover outdoor furniture or sofas, make backpacks or suitcases, make cushions, outdoor decorations ... It is not recommended ..
11.00€ Ex Tax:9.09€
Black chalkboard fabric, ideal for crafts, accessories in bags and decorations, so it can be sewn. You can paint with chalk on it and then erase it to use again. Crazy for the kids of the house! The fabric is 140cm wide. ..
12.00€ Ex Tax:9.92€
Natural color cork fabric, essential in crafts to make bags, purses and other accessories. It is a thin fabric and on top a layer of flexible and manageable cork, making it an easy fabric to cut and sew. The fabric is 140cm wide and its composition is 60% wood - 26% polyester - 14% cotton. ..
13.00€ Ex Tax:10.74€
Cork fabric coloured widely used in technical crafts to make bags, wallets, decorations in florists... It is a thin fabric and on top a layer of flexible and manageable cork, making it an easy fabric to cut and sew. The fabric measures 140cm wide and its composition 60% wood - 26% polyester - 1..
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Cotton Quilting Wadding 150gr Cotton Quilting Wadding 150gr
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Wadding or cotton padding fabric for quilting, ideal for Patchwork, making cushions, blankets, quilts ... Filling suitable for sewing by hand or machine. It has an approximate thickness of 3mm and a weight of 150gr/m2. Being a cotton and polyester blend, it does not deform excessively and can be was..
5.00€ Ex Tax:4.13€
Floca fiberfill. It is widely used in the filling of cushions, dolls, pillows ... It comes in bags of 100g, 500g and 1kg ..
from €1.80 a bag of 100g
Ex Tax:1.49€
Plastic for food use, ideal for making bags of Boc & Roll type sandwiches, snack bags … It is a translucent plastic, free of toxins, BPA and phthalates. In the photo you can see in detail the technical data sheet of the product. The fabric is 160cm wide and its composition 100% Ethy..
7.00€ Ex Tax:5.79€
Brand: Vlieseline
One-sided fusible batting H630 ideal for patchwork crafts, making bags, backpacks... The fabric is 90cm wide and its composition is 100% polyester. ..
11.00€ Ex Tax:9.09€
Cotton gauze fabric ideal for making cloth diapers. The fabric is 100cm wide and its composition is 100% cotton. ..
3.00€ Ex Tax:2.48€
This fabric is widely used as a table and other furniture protector in the home and hospitality. One side of the fabric has a cloth of muletón and the other side is PVC. The fabric is 200cm wide ..
As low as 13.00€ Ex Tax:11.57€
Polypropylene Spunbond Polypropylene Spunbond
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Hydrophobic non-woven fabric made of polypropylene. This fabric has many uses in hospitality such as tablecloths, table runners, decoration, promotional gifts, coat racks ... also for home-made manufacture of hygienic masks, although it lacks approval for its sanitary or surgical use. The fabric ..
3.00€ Ex Tax:2.48€
Hydrophobic polypropylene non-woven fabric (TNT) whose grammage is 70gr/m2 and two widths available: 20cm and 160cm for making masks. It is also often called spunbond, TST, non woven... It is a fabric that is used in many areas, including medicine. This fabric, with 3 layers of TNT 70gr, com..
€ 3.00/meter (width 160cm)
Ex Tax:2.48€
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