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Canvas fabric ideal for decoration and children's accessories, with drawings of animals such as dogs, cats, birds, chicks, rabbits ... painted as a watercolor effect, on a white background. The fabric is perfect for decorating children's spaces and creations such as bags, curtains, play stores …..
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Strong and resistant canvas fabric with different cactus drawings in varied pots on a beige background. For decoration or to make some cushions will be fabulous!The canvas fabric is 280cm wide and its composition 70% Cotton - 30% Polyester ..
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Canvas Christmas Animals Canvas Christmas Animals
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Nice canvas fabric printed with drawings of Santa Claus, owls, penguins, polar bears, foxes and more animals with Christmas decorations on a white background. The canvas fabric is very wide and resistant.It measures 280cm wide and its composition is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. ..
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Canvas fabric with drawings of white clouds on a light blue background. The canvas is a fabric widely used in decoration, upholstery, preparation of cushion covers, bags and much more ... Its width of 280cm makes it ideal for jobs that require great breadth.The fabric is 280cm wide and its compo..
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Funny canvas fabric with drawings of dachshunds with colored stripes body with black bones and traces in various colors on a white background broken marbled effect. This fabric is 280cm wide, which makes it ideal for large size creations or for crafts that require a strong and resistant fabric. As t..
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Beautiful patterned canvas fabric, with drawings of drops of different sizes in green and gray colors on a white background. The canvas is a very resistant fabric ideal for home decorations, bags and other accessories. In addition its 280cm width makes it a perfect fabric for large creations.The..
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Canvas Flamingos Canvas Flamingos
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Canvas fabric printed with drawings of flamingos, leaves and flowers. It is a very resistant fabric and with its super-wide 280cm makes it an ideal fabric for decoration and upholstery. They would also look great in beach bags and other summer-themed and floral designs. ..
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Very funny canvas with drawings of kittens of many types in black stroke, some fat kittens, some kittens with glasses... and in the middle of so much cat, a puppy with a red stroke. It is an ideal fabric for pet themes and its 280cm width makes it ideal for upholstery, decorations and accessories th..
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Canvas fabric ideal for decoration and accessories such as cushions, with themed drawings of the city of New York. Several very characteristic drawings of this great city of the United States appear, such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the famous yellow taxis ... Due to its gre..
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Fabric with drawings of white stars of various sizes on a pink background of canvas fabric, strong and resistant and with a great width of 280cm for creations that require large size. It is also an ideal fabric for making bags, cushions, blinds ...The fabric is 280cm wide and its composition is ..
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Rigid waterproof canvas fabric that on one of the sides has the canvas like canvas and the other side of pvc, which makes it waterproof. With this fabric you can, for example, cover outdoor furniture or sofas, make backpacks or suitcases, make cushions, outdoor decorations ... It is not recommended ..
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Half Panama canvas fabric in digital print with colorful star drawings on white background.The fabric is 280cm wide and its composition 100% cotton. ..
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