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Flannel Fabrics

Children's cotton flannel fabric with drawings of colored alphabet letters and objects that represent them. There are two background colors to choose from.The fabric measures 110cm wide and its composition 100% cotton ..
10.00€ 7.00€ Ex Tax:5.79€
Flannel fabric for children with drawings of colored bears in the background to choose: light blue or cream. Fabric that brings warmth to your clothing, since the flannel is a fabric widely used for garments in cold weather.The flannel fabric width is 150cm and the composition 100% cotton. ..
9.00€ 7.00€ Ex Tax:5.79€
Nice children's flannel fabric with colorful car drawings and traffic lights on white background.The fabric is 100% cotton and 150cm wide ..
9.00€ 7.00€ Ex Tax:5.79€
Children's cotton flannel fabric with drawings of cars, trucks and signs on light blue background. ..
9.00€ 7.00€ Ex Tax:5.79€
Beautiful children's cotton flannel fabric, with drawings of moons, stars and colorful clouds on a fuchsia pink background.The fabric is 110cm wide (American width) and its 100% cotton composition. ..
12.00€ 7.00€ Ex Tax:5.79€
Flannel fabric with blue and pink colored star patterns on a white background. Flannel fabric is very warm for the cold season and is widely used in children's clothing and accessories.The composition is 100% cotton and the width of the fabric is 150cm ..
9.00€ 7.00€ Ex Tax:5.79€
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