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Deco Fabrics

The Alpujarreña is a rustic striped fabric used a lot in decoration and household clothes. It is also used in costumes for Mexican poncho. ..
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The leatherette is a fairly flexible imitation leather or leather fabric that is widely used for crafts and decoration, even for upholstering chairs, armchairs, headboards... In addition to this faux leather, we also have the Extra Leatherette, which is more thick and resistant, and gives better uph..
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Stretch / Burlington fabric with expression pattern and onomatopoeia typical of action comics. Boom, bang, crash, OMG ... is a very striking fabric with different expressions on a light blue background. With this fabric you can make, for example, a very original purse or purse.The fabric is 150c..
8.00€ Ex Tax:6.61€
Canvas fabric ideal for home decoration, making bags, cushions, sofa covers ... This canvas fabric is strong and resistant with Hawaiian-style flower drawings with lots of color. Orchids, hibiscus and other plants ... all of them on a white background.The fabric is 280cm wide and its composition..
10.00€ Ex Tax:8.26€
Canvas fabric printed with drawings of flamingos, leaves and flowers. It is a very resistant fabric and with its super-wide 280cm makes it an ideal fabric for decoration and upholstery. They would also look great in beach bags and other summer-themed and floral designs. ..
10.00€ Ex Tax:8.26€
Strong and resistant canvas fabric with floral patterns on a marbled gray background. The canvas is ideal for decoration and large crafts, as well as for making bags, backpacks and much more ...The fabric is 280cm wide and its composition 70% cotton - 30% polyester. ..
10.00€ Ex Tax:8.26€
Beautiful patterned canvas fabric. Strong and resistant fabric ideal for decoration and upholstery.This patterned canvas fabric has a width of 280cm and makes it special for large jobs. The drawing of this fabric is made up of red roses on a blue background combined with small moles.The comp..
10.00€ Ex Tax:8.26€
Rigid waterproof canvas fabric that on one of the sides has the canvas like canvas and the other side of pvc, which makes it waterproof. With this fabric you can, for example, cover outdoor furniture or sofas, make backpacks or suitcases, make cushions, outdoor decorations ... It is not recommended ..
10.00€ Ex Tax:8.26€
Burlap is a fabric made with jute and is also known as sackcloth. Several colors to choose. Very appropriate to make crafts and decorate shop windows, in addition to being used to make bags and other type of gift wrapping. ..
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Very soft and warm coral fleece fabric with letters from several cities in the United States (New York, Miami, Chicago, Washington ...) in black and white colors in different sizes and also drawings of orange hearts. All on a gray background.The fabric is 150cm wide and its composition 100% poly..
9.00€ 7.00€ Ex Tax:5.79€
Licensed cotton fabric with cactus drawings in pots, many shapes of hearts and the colors of Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada. All on a white background. A beautiful fabric! The fabric is 140cm wide and its composition 100% cotton..
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Cotton fabric with catus drawings in pots of various sizes and colors combining with strokes, triangles and lines in black.The fabric is 150cm wide and its composition 100% cotton. ..
9.00€ Ex Tax:7.44€
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