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Burlington/Stretch fabric with wide blue and white stripes.The fabric is 150cm wide and its composition 100% polyester ..
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Flag of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. Holidays such as Andalusia Day (February 28) and for parties of El Rocío, Sevillian tents, fairs ...The fabric is 80cm wide and its composition 67% Polyester - 33% Cotton ..
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Rainbow flag fabric by the meter. The flag is the symbol of gay and lesbian pride (LGBT)The width of the fabric is 80cm and it has, in addition to the colored stripes, a thin white stripe at one end. ..
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ROLLO ENTERO de 35 metrosEl precio de cada metro: 2,60€ (en lugar de 3,20€) El precio de cada metro de la Bandera Arcoiris: 3,40€ (en lugar de 4,20€)Viste tu balcón, evento o acto deportivo, fiesta, celebración... con las diferentes telas de bandera di..
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Stretch fabric printed with black and white squares, typical of motor racing. You can choose two frame sizes (4 and 6 cm approx.)The fabric is 150cm wide and its composition is 100% polyester. ..
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