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Discover the available assortment of sewing needles from the German brand Schmetz Needles. Sewing needles for different types of sewing machines and different materials and uses with excellent quality. In addition, Schmetz needles for domestic sewing machines have color codes to easily recognize the type and thickness of the needle. The first color identifies the type of needle and the second its thickness.

Assortment of 5 machine sewing needles from the German brand Schmetz, perfect for sewing elastic fabrics such as: cotton jersey, sweatshirt, lycra, fabrics that contain elastane, spandex...These needles, ideal for sewing stretch fabrics, have a special chamfer that prevents missing out of the st..
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Assortment of 10 universal sewing needles from the German brand Schmetz, to sew most fabrics and materials.Schmetz sewing needles are suitable for the vast majority of household sewing machines. The needles have flat side on one side, using the 130/705H systemIt comes in a plastic blister an..
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