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Hagal Threads

Brand: Hagal
Quality thread with a TEX 10x2x2 (44) fineness made of 100% long fibre cotton, ideal for sewing cotton fabrics and especially bed linen. It can be washed up to 95º The composition of this thread is 100% cotton and has a length of 500 meters. Its thickness is 0.3mm ..
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Brand: Hagal
Metallic thread to give an original and brilliant spark to your embroidery. This lurex thread is ideal for hand embroidery and is approximately 0.2mm thick. This thread is 100 meters long and its composition 52% polyester - 48% polyamide. ..
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Brand: Hagal
1000 meter tacking thread, made of viscose staple fibers in a fineness of TEX 25x2 The tacking thread is used mainly to join the pieces of fabric before their final sewing (as if we were using pins), being able to extract it later without much difficulty. The composition of this tacking thread..
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